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Gypsy with the exit

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The play "Gypsy with the exit" in the theater "Romance" is based on the motives of M. Leskov's story "Enchanted Pilgrim."

Like most plays of the theater, the main heroine of history is the beautiful gypsy. This time it's called Grushenka, and she, along with her numerous family, sings in the Gypsy choir and earns money for it. Somehow the fate brings the Gypsy choir to the tavern for another performance. It is here that the young beauty of Grushenka falls in love with two completely different men. The first one is a handsome handsome prince with a cold heart. The second is an obscure worker, a horse Golovan.

Grushenka is a true color of the choir, conquers them with its beauty, grace, its wonderful voice. But for the Prince, she is an entertainment for one hour, and for Golovan it is a love for life ... The tender Gypsy becomes a victim of the short satisfaction of the Prince. And she is very tired of him very quickly with his Gypsy songs, and with his love ...

The play is full of free Gypsy music and allows the viewer to plunge into the atmosphere of Gypsy passions, feelings, reckless love, which often leads to tragedy.

Duration - 2 hours and 20 minutes with an intermission.

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