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Fantastic and exciting performance "Gypsy Nights" will be remembered for a long time!

A member of the Ministry of Culture of Alexander is a difficult period in his life. Frustration and uncertainty leads him to a Gypsy family. Here he hopes to find out something about his future, but eventually falls into an entirely different world - the world of music and sophisticated poetry of the free people.

The magic of the night erases the boundaries between the real and the otherworldly. Alexander is fascinated by this mysticism, and, merging in creative ecstasy, he himself is not yet aware that he becomes a Gypsy.

The play "Gypsy Nights" will appeal to the longtime admirers of the bright Gypsy culture, and those who are just beginning to get acquainted with her. This phantasmagoria organically combines Spanish, Ukrainian and Gypsy poetry. A special "magic" will allow the audience to communicate with the prominent creators of the past.

The basis of the statement is the poem by Lina Kostenko "Gypsy Muse". But the play contains motifs of works and other writers: Garcia Lorca, Pushkin, Blok, Papushi.

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