Dai Darogu!

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Why is it worth going to the concert "Dai Darogu!"?

1. The group that claims to be the "ideological"
2. The atmosphere of punk, along with "crazy" energy
3. Each concert of the group is remembered for a long time by the spectator

Minsk collective Dai Darogu! from year to year gathers under one roof an endless crowd of fans from all over Belarus and the near abroad.

Dai Darogu! - the group is openly hooligan. Elastic and "crazy" energy in music is combined with a magnificent, easily memorable melody. Here and the "profanity" and all the rest of the compote, once attributed to rock music in general, when it could still shake the foundations of society. Someone will call the musicians punks, but their musical decisions are too interesting. To some it seems rap, but behind the ostentatious brutality of the texts, the well-prepared, completely literary wit of the authors is too clearly discernible.

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