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Why should you go to the Dakh Daughters Band concert?

1. Incredible combination of music, theater and women's charisma
2. The Dakh Daughters performed not only in different cities of Ukraine, they conquered scenes in France, Poland and other countries.
3. Be sure - the girls will heat with the new program!

Dakh Daughters - Ukrainian women's theatrical and musical group, performing in the genres of "Frick Cabaret" and theatrical performances. Speaks from 2012, one of the first speeches was held at Gogolfest in Kyiv.

Dach Daughters uses in his speeches the texts of Joseph Brodsky, Taras Shevchenko, Lesia Ukrainka, Charles Bukovsky, Mikhail Semenko, Yuri Andrukhovych, Alexander Vvedensky; texts in different dialects in Ukrainian, English, French, Russian, German.

Participants use different musical instruments (a total of 15 instruments): double basses, cello, piano, maracas, guitar, violin, drums, xylophone, accordion, harmonic harmonies and tambourines, and "musicians are not tied to their instruments and easily change them." Music commentators find similarities to the Dakh Daughters with Amanda Palmer, Rammstein, Laibach, System of a Down and Dresden Dolls.

In November 2016, the debut studio album of the collective - IF was presented, which included 9 tracks.

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