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Women's tailor

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Why should you go to the theater to the play "Ladies' Tailor" in Kyiv?

  1. Spectacular French comedy that has been performed on the European stage for decades.
  2. A dynamic plot and bright acting.
  3. A pleasant rest in the theater.

The play "Ladies' Tailor" in Kyiv

Theater "Silver Island" presents the enchanting French comedy "Ladies' Tailor" based on one of the most popular plays by Georges Feydo. The classic of the French boulevard theater paints a vivid image of Paris at the beginning of the last century in your imagination. The decision-making body included:
  • director Lyudmila Lymar;
  • stage designer Sofia Trikolenko;
  • choreographer Svitlana Donets.
Starring: Yurii Raevskyi, Valeria Duhota, Natalia Yakhontova, Vladyslav Vashchenko, Mykhailo Gerasimchuk, Olga Panina, Valeria Lapko, Anastasia Kozynets, Artem Yankov, Karina Lototska, Natalia Voronina.

Amorous adventures of a young Parisian on the stage of the Silver Island Theater

The main character of the play is a young doctor, who was forced by certain circumstances to become a female tailor. After all, this is the only way to save a family and keep a lover at the same time. Events unfold quickly and unpredictably, to Offenbach's music and fiery cancan. So the viewer will be very interested to find out how everything will end. The duration of the performance is 1 hour 45 minutes. Recommended age is 14+. Are waiting for you!

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