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Ant's Birthday

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Why should you go to the play "Ant's Birthday"?

1. To visit an exciting interactive action.
2. Make friends with funny and good characters.
3. Spend time fun and informative.

What is your favorite holiday? In some, this is, of course, the New Year, in others - Christmas, and in the third - on March 8. But, you see, very, very many people give preference to their special holiday - birthday. After all, on this day everyone wants to congratulate you: to say good wishes and make nice gifts.

Birthdays have everyone in the world. Even the little Ant. He also wants to spend this day fun and interesting. And you can help him with this! How? Come to the best theater for children "Ladybug" to become part of the holiday of the Ant.

You will find a wonderful performance game. We assure you that you will not forget this fascinating and dynamic production, because interactive action is the best way to talk about something.

Presentation "Ant's Birthday" is designed for children aged 4 to 12 years.
The performance is in Russian.
Duration - 55 minutes (without intermission).

Let's help together to make this day unforgettable for a little Ant! Waiting for you!