Trees die standing

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Why is it worth going to the play "Trees are dying while standing"?

1. Become a little more attentive, discerning and sensitive.
2. To see the play, which is more than 60 years old, and it remains relevant.
3. To find out that close people are people who really make another's life full.

For two decades, Grandma lived only one ... She, like a miracle, was expecting the only grandson to whom she devoted her life. And here he comes. But she throws him out!

Why did this happen? Maybe it's a matter of a brief acquaintance with the Director of the magic agency of "good deeds", as well as with his imaginary wife Marta? Or Grandmother realized the truth that relatives are not about the degree of kinship. "Trees are dying standing" staging the work of playwright Alejandro Casona.

For the first time this performance was embodied on the stage of the theater by the legendary director Leonid V. Varpakhovsky in 1956. Surprisingly, today, when the lines between evil and good are washed away, wise and kind characters become even more relevant!

The name of the play is not accidental. As trees die standing, so strong personalities do not bend even under the weight of grief, and most importantly - do not shift their suffering on the shoulders of loved ones. This performance is worth watching! Waiting for you.