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LOCK AND LOAD TOUR - that's what awaits fans of alternative rock this fall! New album, new emotions from the festival group of the country! DETACH will break into the sea of ​​drive into your autumn melancholy. And they will tear it to pieces! Buy a ticket, and open the door to the alternative! They have dozens of festivals behind their backs, numerous concerts, thousands of fans, and ahead - the presentation of the new album and the conquest of even more Ukrainian hearts. Initially, the group planned to take a break in the speeches, but, according to the frontman of the collective Lesha Varenchik, they "can not live without concerts for six months".

For them, the thrill is to speak to people who enjoy their music. And what is kicks for you? If this is cool music from professionals, then you are exactly at DETACH.

During the tour, the musicians will perform their cult tracks and new songs, and the main surprise will be the acoustic unit. His guys were specially prepared for LOCK AND LOAD TOUR. But that is not all. At several concerts the invited guests will join: - Italian and French gangs, whose names are still kept secret, and our fellow countrymen, the group Be My Guest.

How energetic and explosive concerts of this group can be told for a long time. But than to listen about them, it is better to come once and fall in love with the alternative rock of the Ukrainian group! DETACH hopes to see not only familiar faces from festivals and concerts, but to penetrate with the help of their songs into every cell of the new organism that came to their concert for the first time!

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