Lie detector + KostyaKatyaMamaChay

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Why is it worth going to the plays "Lie Detector" and "Kostya KatyaMamaChay"?

1. Get "two in one" - two performances in one session.
2. Enjoy interesting stories in an unusual way.
3. Discover for yourself and fall in love with a comedy detective.

Ordinary apartment will become a stage where a real detective will be played! What can be more exciting than searching for a stash of her husband?

Especially, if, in a drunken intoxication, the faithful managed to hide all wages, and now, having sobered up, has no idea where to look for it. When your own investigation comes to a standstill, a specialist comes to the rescue.

Only now all family secrets will be revealed, some of which no one was going to drag out into the light of God. Excellent comedy by Vasily Sigarev in the director's production of Dayana Winter will not leave you indifferent!

A wonderful cast (K. Fedorak, B. Builuk, V. Onischenko) will enjoy an excellent game.

The first date in the house of merry Bones for beautiful and clever Katie is preparing surprises. The guy is too nervous, and for some reason Katya does not remember anything at all. Was she exactly visiting Bones? Saw some special tea...

What's next? Did his parents come? Do they have any? Or have they died long ago? The unusual comedy of Tamara Trunova played with new colors in the production of Tatiana Gubri.

The roles were performed by: A. Glukhenkaya, A. Solovey, V. Bibliography, K. Fedorak, Yu. Gapchuk, V. Kovbel, V. Onischenko, B. Builuk, E. Sary-Yuryev.