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Middey Dream

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Why is it worth going to the ballet "Middey Dream"?

1. Numbers of modern choreography from the best ballet dancers
2. To plunge into the atmosphere of passion, love and testing
3. The first to see the world premiere of the ballet "Middey Dream"

October 19-20 at the National Opera of Ukraine - the world premiere of the ballet "Middey Dream", created specifically for Ukrainian ballet stars Ekaterina Kukhar and Alexander Stoyanov.

"Middey Dream" - staged by the choreographer and actor Staatsbalett Berlin Alexander Abdukarimov. Alexander uses the latest creative light solutions. In March, the Ukrainian spectator had the opportunity to see the first brainchild of this ingenious choreographer, who was called "Middey Dream". Because of the incredible interest of our audience, Alexander for half a year is preparing the second part of the history of androgyne, which will be called "Middey Dream" According to the idea of the choreographer, this can be a trilogy of full-fledged one-act ballets about androgynes. Participation in these projects of our stars Ekaterina Kukhar and Alexandra Stoyanova makes these ballets really masterpieces of world level.

In the second part of the trilogy, an apologist of a different force appears before the audience. Seer. A creature of immense energy inhabiting outside space.

Who is the Demon or God?

Learning about Androgin, he asks his assistants to lull him and deliver him to him. Sleeping, the Seer divides him into a man and a woman. In a dream, he has much more power to investigate, and can seduce, while remaining in the shadows. But even dreams can not divide halves. Reunited again into a single whole, they will rush further through the stars.

The story of the Androgyns gave rise to a seed of hope in the soul of the Seer's assistants that they too could be together. The seer does not like it, he feels that he was betrayed and they want to encroach on his power-the power of the Creator. In anger, he locks them in a black hole and goes after Androgin.

One of the main surprises is that the Choreographer himself will become the role of the Seer. Stylish costumes made of material that can change color will help to reflect the variability and transience of dreams and, together with the projection, create a tense magical atmosphere.

Choreography and staging: Alexander Abdukarimov

Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Max Richter

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