Dialogues from the cell

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Why is it worth going to the play Dialogues from the cell?

1. A mixture of deep dramaturgy with humor
2. Innovative, atypical plot
3. To philosophize on an internal cell theme

The trouble is not that we are in a cage. The trouble is that we have a cage.

In the bird cage are three birds. A woman and two men. Some of them have been here for a long time. Some people fall for the first time. Some of the cells move into another. Their attitude to the cell, to freedom and to each other creates amusing and dramatic situations with a strong intrigue and unexpected ending.

Production and musical design - Igor Shub

Set Designer - Maria Shub

Director - Artem Cherpakov

Actors - Marina Loktionova, Eugene Loktionov, Andrei Korzhenivsky

Running time 1 hour 20 minutes


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