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Bernardi Albi's house

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Bernarda Alba's House is Federico Garcia Lorca's latest drama, written by him a few months before his death.

Bernarda Alba fanatically adheres to conservative views on life, rules and dogmas, and her own children, in fact, become her captives. But in an airtight space, passions only become more powerful, and mistakes and consequences become more fatal: the love of Alba's two daughters for one man leads to the suicide of the younger one.

The small hall of the theater, where the audience sits at arm's length from the artists, allows you to deeply feel the emotionality of the story and the performance, and the unusual interior of the space becomes the original decoration of the play.

The play is in Russian

Genre - drama

The performance lasts 1 hour without intermission

Age: 16+

Small wall them. Alexander Bilyatsky

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