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Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to your attention the NEW, far from the city bustle, but close to everyone's heart - MUSICAL SHOW, which is striking by its beauty, simplicity and talent of the FREEDOM JAZZ maid band, called "DU-DU-DU" as light as a breeze!

It is these sounds that will instantly transfer you from the noisy capital to green meadows, where the streams flow here and there. But instead of the gentle noisy birds, you will hear musical masters of various instruments. Beginning with the trumpet (in the first place) and ending with an excitement of jerking the connection of the magic trio of vocalists.

These actors are always bribed with their naive simplicity, sincere smiles, and unexpected commotion, which captures surprisingly even their own.

And here's what the Freedom-Jazz soloists promise: "In a thin, smart, tactical form, we will raise your cultural level so that neither you nor your loved ones have noticed it.) A show with pastoral ringtones and a deep decolletage is waiting for you. ! "

The director of the future action is unique Elena Kolyadenko.
Music is a matter of unrestrained talent for the members of the collective.
The atmosphere of complete trust and understanding from the Caribbean Club.

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