Caribbean Jazz Dinner Show: Freedom Jazz

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Why go to the Caribbean Jazz Dinner Show: Freedom Jazz?

1. Immerse yourself in the cozy atmosphere of the club and enjoy the brilliant dramatized show.
2. You will be greeted by the team that made the dance Luke Besson, Eric Serra, Michael Madsen and Thomas Anders
3. Exquisite cuisine with unrivaled jazz music will make your evening memorable.

Close your eyes and imagine at the concert. You're almost there! We invite for a holiday sincere songs, fennel whiskers and unexpected costumes.

"Our new hot show is called" KISS. "The title speaks for itself: passionate, frank, intimate, and in all of the new works you will find the theme of love and relationships that are of particular concern to us. Of course, everything is sustained in the corporate style of jazz-books: from theatricalized miniatures up to unbridled dancing, from "cursed" to unrecognizable to all of your favorite songs to fine female humor, less words - more kisses! "- tell about the future of the band's show.

Caribbean Jazz Dinner Show: Freedom Jazz "Kiss" is an entirely new format of the Caribbean Club Concert Hall, combining a brilliantly dramatized show, a cozy atmosphere of the oldest capital club in a heap of gourmet cuisine.

Unknown facts about Freedom Jazz:

Luke Besson himself sang with Freedom Jazz, even despite toothache. Yes, the same Luc Besson - the director of famous paintings "Leon", "Fifth Element", "Lucy", "Jeanne d'Arc". This happened in the German city of Rust, in the park of entertainment "Europa-park".

At one feast, under the cover of Amy Winehouse in the performance of the jazz, danced Seal himself under the stage, forgetting that he would soon go on stage.

Eric Serra, a well-known French composer who was the author of the sautrec to Luc Besson's films, was so enthusiastic about the Freedom Jazz show, which literally pursued a jazz poet afterparty.

Michael Medsen, a Hollywood actor, flew to the Evening Kyiv show, and after hearing the performance of the famous Sing Sing Sing, said: "Why are these beauties still not in Hollywood?"

American pop singer Lionel Richie was so fascinated by the tenfold beauty of jazz that he himself asked them to be photographed.

Thomas Anders on the shooting of the "Evening Kiev" program, fascinated by the game and the beauty of Svetlana-pipe, forgot the words of his own song.

Katie Leone, vocalist of the Incognito group, at one of the parties made her own cocktails and treated the jazz.

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