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Dinner show on Veranda Terrace

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Why go to the Dinner Show Circus?

1. This is an exclusive dance performance from Alexander Leshchenko's "Dancing with the Stars" show and the Foresight ballet, which can be seen only on Veranda Terrace.
2. This is a unique story, which is the basis of the performance, complemented by powerful vocals and circus tricks.
3. This opportunity to enjoy author's dishes and cocktails in the atmosphere of a panoramic terrace overlooking the entire night Kiev and the Dnieper.

Incredible Dinner Show on Veranda Terrace

Unique production, created specially for the guests of the terrace by the winner "Dancing with the Stars" by Alexander Leshchenko and the talented ballet Foresight.

This is a special story from the whole plot line, feelings transmitted through dance and circus tricks.

The show will be shown on the only water scene in Ukraine. For the terrace, an exclusive menu based on delicacies and seafood has been developed by famous chef Sergei Bashinsky, and a cocktail card with author's drinks - myxologist Artem Sinegub.

In an atmosphere of evening Kiev, overlooking the whole capital, under the stars - this show is for you.

1) Dinner show "Circus" - a show that captures dance history and exquisitely complementary elements of its circus program. The place of action is the circus with its main characters, passions and magnificent music.

2) Dinner show "Old world" - the main theme is the Ancient World. With its riddles, mysteries and key characters. An interesting plot, astonishing beauty costumes, a plot and music that will impress your imagination.

3) Dinner show "Sakvyazh" - the story is tied around one thing - a sackcloth. Cunning plans, searches, friends and enemies, adventures and, finally, love-all this is transmitted in the spirit of dance and astonishing acting.

4) Dinner show "Cuisine" - the plot unfolds in the kitchen. The most emotional place becomes the main arena for intriguing, exciting adventures and romance. Correctly picked up music, powerful vocals and this is already a cinema that you will see on a single stage in Ukraine on water.

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