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From the screen to the ice! The Feld Entertainment company presents the Disney On Ice in January 2020 in Kyiv. The Ice show based on the popular cartoon FROZEN. From January 3 to 6 at the Sports Palace.

Why should you go to the Disney On Ice Frozen?

1. This show will be remembered by your family for a long time! The show is staged by Feld Entertainment (USA), a world-famous company with unusual children's performances.
2. Amazing special effects, vibrant dance numbers and a fascinating story about two princess sisters.
3. Your children will meet with their favorite characters - with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Disney princesses, characters in the animated films Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Lion King.

Disney On Ice – Frozen Ice Show

The production is based on the popular Disney cartoon – Frozen Heart. Together with Princess Anna you to go in search of her sister Elsa. Hunter Christoph, his deer, and snowman Olaf will help you in this. With them, you will rise to the peaks of the snowy Northern Mountains, overcome more than one obstacle and help the sisters reunite. Moreover, you will meet you the other Disney heroes!

Unique special effects on the ice show Frozen

This show is loved by the young viewers in more than 75 countries around the world. But in 2020 it comes to us for the first time, and therefore we can safely say that Kyiv has never seen anything like it before.

Stars of the American theater scene, such as Patti Vincent (director of numerous ice shows), Cindy Stewart (four-time winner of the Choreographer of the Year Award), Marvel and Nickelodeon screenwriters A. Wilson and M. Wilson Labrachio, as well as famous decorators, worked on the Disney On Ice production.

If you have the opportunity to give your family such an adventure, do not put it off! Buy tickets to the show on concert.ua and immerse in the colorful world of Disney these holidays!

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