Crazy Jourdain 12+

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Why should you go to the play "Crazy Jourdain"?

1. For your attention - comedy classics, which have not lost their relevance today.
2. The statement will once again remind you of how important it is to be yourself in all circumstances.
3. A talented play of actors, a great story - and the evening was a success!

Theater on Podol is the comedy "Crazy Jourdain". Living irony, ridiculous absurdities, desperate aspirations of the protagonist to become a nobleman - the staging will cheer up everyone!

At the core of the performance is the plot of Moliere's play “A Bourgeois Resident of the Nobility”. Written more than four centuries ago, the work raises topics that remain alive and for modern society.

The authors offer their adaptation of the famous play. Comedy will once again reveal to the viewer how funny a person can become in pursuit of status. For some reason, respect in society, in the opinion of some, is the virtue for which you should change yourself. But, trying to get into someone else's skin, a person often loses himself.

The protagonist of the play to the last remains hope to become a representative of the elite, albeit with a philistine past. He learns the rules of etiquette, seeks to learn singing and dancing... But under the imaginary secular halo it seems only ridiculous.

Waiting for you!