The Madman Jourdain

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"Madman Jourdain" is a very funny, ironic and somewhat ridiculous story about a desperate desire to get into the higher light of the nobility.

Comedy is an adaptation of Moliere's play "The Bourgeois in the Nobility", written more than 4 centuries ago, but has not lost its relevance to this day. Indeed, in order to find the due respect and popularity in society, people are ready for the most unpredictable acts. It is a pity that at the same time, they forget that trying to get into the skin of others, they lose their own "I".

The main character of the play, despite its petty-bourgeois origins, still does not lose hope of becoming an equal with the secular elite. He with incredible difficulty and perseverance mastering dances, singing and rules of etiquette. It looks extremely funny, because under external shine and chic, he does not really go into the very essence of things ...

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