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Why is the “Diesel Show” concert the main comic event of 2019?

1. This is the most kind, funny and family project that sets the trends of humor in Ukraine!
2. These are your favorite artists - who are RETURNING with a new, cool authoring program!
3. The concert “Diesel Show” is a real SHOW - with musical numbers, multimedia surprises, star tandems and communication with the public!

We are waiting for you with the whole family - with relatives, parents, friends and colleagues - at the Kiev concert on February 26 and 27 in the Palace Ukraine! Beginning at 19:00!

They are coming back! Even more very funny, relevant and talented numbers, which pump up the press! Even more music, choreography, bright costumes and spectacular performances, which you will remember and tell your friends! Even more surprises for the viewer, interaktivov and communication, because we are bored!

Unexpected star tandems, big multimedia screens, new images and original duets - “Diesel Show” will show a big, enchanting concert of NEW SEASON!

“Spring is coming!” - let's meet the first warm rays of the sun together - rejoice and create a good mood for the whole year! The show is dedicated to beautiful women. And the most important thing is the memory of the Queen of Humor - the beautiful actress Marina Poplavskaya, about whom we will sing with the HEART ...

February 26 and 27, 19:00, Palace Ukraine - we return, we are together, in gratitude to Marina - we are even stronger! And we know that you were waiting for us!

"Diesel Show" - a new era of humor in 2019: spring has come! Your tickets are on sale now!

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