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Why is it worth going to the Diesel Show concert in Kiev?

1. A “pumped-up” comedian team will come onto the scene who know their job and are ready to make you tear your stomachs out of laughter.
2. New images and bold jokes with “peppercorn” - the best prevention of influenza and all SARS there.
3. Somewhere in the distance, the New Year has already begun to blow, which means it's time to create a light holiday mood for yourself.

The program and composition of the humorous Diesel show in Kiev

On November 28 and 29, meet the powerful humorous landing party of the Diesel Show team at the Ukraine Palace. Performance, which is waiting for thousands of guests and residents of the capital. Humor of the highest standard and just an event that makes life brighter and more positive, all this, and even on the eve of the beloved holiday of all time - New Year! They don’t miss it!

Concerts of the “Diesel Show” 2019 were held with regular sold outs, so we recommend booking tickets for the “Diesel Show” in Kiev in advance by choosing convenient seats in the hall.

Your favorite artists have prepared a special program for their New Year program. A lot of new jokes and witty numbers will make the audience laugh to tears. Masters of fun reincarnation will do everything to make you forget about pressing problems and plunge into the atmosphere of pre-holiday lightness and euphoria.

Don't miss a single Diesel Show on YouTube? - Come to the Diesel Show 2019 concert and feel the difference!

Your magnificent mood will be created by:

Egor Krutogolov, Victoria Bulitko, Alexander Berezhok, Yana Glushchenko, Eugene Gashenko, Eugene Smorigin, Marusya Gritsuk, Sergey Pisarenko, Eugene Nikishin.

How to buy tickets for the Diesel Show on the Concert.ua website

To buy a ticket to the Diesel Show:

1) click on the option “Buy a ticket” on the event page on the right;

2) get acquainted with the scheme of the auditorium and select the desired places;

3) click “Confirm”;

4) enter contact details, select a payment method and enter payment information with a phone number;

5) click the "Pay" button and check your email: tickets are already there.

Tickets for the Diesel Show 2019 can be printed out or saved on the phone. To enter the concert you can present them in any form.

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