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Why should you go to the Diesel Show?

1. For the first time "Dizel Show" will perform accompanied by a symphony orchestra!
2. New autumn program, which should be seen live before it is broadcast on TV
3. Unique musical numbers and branded jokes with invited stars

October 13 and 14 in Kiev in the "Ukraine" Palace, humorists will traditionally present a new autumn program. Congratulate everyone on Ukrainian patriotic holidays - the Day of the Defender of Ukraine, the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the People's Feast of the Intercession.

"Dizel Show", which celebrated its third anniversary, is gaining momentum, expanding the boundaries of creativity and do not cease to amaze. Humorists promise that their new autumn program will radically differ from what the audience saw before - it will be even bigger, more amazing, funnier, more musical, soulful and more exciting.

For the first time, wonderful artists Yegor Krutogolov, Alexander Berezhok, Evgeny Gashenko, Evgeny Smorigin, Marina Poplavskaya, Victoria Bulitko, Yana Glushchenko, Oleg Ivanitsa and host Maxim Nelipa will appear on stage accompanied by a symphony orchestra. Specially for autumn concerts unique musical numbers are prepared in which "Dizel Show" will appear in new unexpected roles. The images and style of your favorite actors will change - so elegant they just have not seen! Will not do without the invited show business stars. Their names, by tradition, the audience will learn during the concerts.

In October, admirers of branded humor waiting for two special festive concerts with a new variety of show rooms on topical issues. Traditionally, there will be jokes without politics, for which the audience and fell in love with the "Dizel Show".

For a year humorists have collected 12 show-shops on the main place of the country the Palace "Ukraine", about 50 thousand spectators have looked at concerts. "Dizel Show" did not leave the city without attention throughout the country, they made two large-scale tours, during which they appeared on the stage more than 150 times! Also pleased with their work overseas fans in Britain, Israel, Spain! And they also filmed their first comedy series "Papanki," which premiered in the fall on ICTV.

See the new issues of the "Dizel Show" on Fridays on the ICTV channel and wait for humorists with concerts in their cities!

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