Uncle’s dream

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Why should you go to the play Uncle's dream?

1. Based on Dostoevsky's famous story
2. The fact that happiness for everyone individually
3. Thin intellectual statement

The idea of happiness for all is different ... Therefore, few people manage to arrange the happiness of another. And what seems to parents a better fate for their children, does not necessarily coincide with the ideas of the child himself. Come to the National Theater of the Russdrama in Kiev for an original production based on the work of Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Uncle's Dream."

When parents could not arrange their personal lives and find love, then many rush to the extreme and begin to believe that love as such does not exist. And maybe, at all, it has disappeared from eternal lack of money and poverty. Then the understanding of happiness is distorted and a desire arises: even though my child will live richly and nobly. That's when they begin to pester young daughters, praising the promising old people.

Energetic lady Maria Moskaleva also wishes her 23-year-old daughter happy, in her opinion, destiny. And let the young lady choose a gentleman at 70, but his wallet is full of money, which means that the child will not need anything.

And what to take from the gentleman of a very respectable age? At the age of 70, his thoughts are completely confused: he is calling for marriage, then the next day it seems to him that it all dreamed. Evil tongues even more start to confuse the unfortunate old prince, and that already does not know what all the same it was: a dream or a reality?

This performance is an adaptation of Grigory Ziskin (Canada). Cast: Anna Varpahovskaya, Valery Zaitsev, Irina Novak, Vyacheslav Nikolenko, Alexander Getmansky and others.

The length of the tragicomedy is 2 hours 40 minutes (with intermission).