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Uncle's dream

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"Countess of Nain. Personally.

… A back, Mon a mi ', you would see that back. It was as if she had been walking with a book on her head all her life. "

We invite you to "Uncle's Dream" - a two-act comedy based on the work of the same name by Mr. Dostoevsky, directed by Veronica Litkevych. A joint project of YUG and actors of the Workshop of the People's Artist of Ukraine Dmytro Bogomazov, in which it is very difficult to distinguish a dream from reality.

The story of what actions we are ready to do in order to live at least a little more in the world of our illusions. The ninety-seven-year-old grandfather, or rather his four estates, a pound of diamonds and tons of bird's milk, drive his entire family crazy and a poor widow desperately trying to marry his beautiful daughter.

"… God is right, I fell in love with you and the girl who looks so much like you."

And, in the end, these riches will drive you crazy, the audience. And also - fresh humor, fast-paced plot and the eternal theme of the struggle of love and good.

"And she sings romances like you sang to me. The only question is: is it in a dream or in reality?
With love,
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