Dmitry Komarov. Brazil-2018

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Why go to a meeting with Dmitry Komarov?

1. Listen to interesting stories from Dmitry Komarov.
2. Talk with the legendary "slave Izaura."
3. To see the idol of millions.

The host of the travel show, Dmitry Komarov, prepared a real surprise for the Ukrainians. The TV traveler will fly from Brazil to Ukraine to take part in creative meetings and presentations of the new World of Inside Season season.

In the new program "Brazil-2018" Dmitry will tell you how he worked in the most dangerous favels, explored the Amazon and made new discoveries. In the new expedition, Dmitry risked his life more than once in order to show viewers unique shots. For example, in Amazon I tried several primitive Indian rituals at once, for which I almost paid with my life. How it all ended and what rituals Komarov went through, you will learn at the creative meetings with the presenter.

With the new program “Brazil-2018”, Dmitry Komarov will visit 6 Ukrainian cities: Kharkov, Dnepr, Kiev, Uzhgorod, Chernivtsi and Odessa.

The presenter will reveal for the first time the details of the new expedition before the program is broadcast.

Another gift from Dmitry Komarov is the performance of the main heroine of the series “Slave Izaura” Luselia Santos, who will fly with Dmitry to Ukraine for the first time to take part in his creative meetings.

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