The days fly by with a whistle

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Why is it worth going to the play "Days fly by with a whistle"?

1. To share the subtle emotional experiences of heroes.
2. Make sure that sometimes the second chance turns out to be the very saving thread of fate.
3. Get a true aesthetic pleasure from the talented play of actors.

The Kiev theater of drama and comedy invites to the play "Days fly by with a whistle". Do not miss a deep and instructive staging!

This is the story of the unexpected meeting of two well-known people: in the past they are husband and wife. And they were once united by work in the theater and ... constant squabbles. But there was also good in their relations: a fiery passion and many happy days. And now the ex-spouses found themselves in the same hotel. How do they live now? - He does not have to envy: he drinks, remembering the past; she is interrupted by "hack-work".

Ahead of both is not the most enviable future: to miss long winter evenings, lamenting the unrealizable ... But why ?! - Fate gives a second chance. By the way, it can be the last. Will these two be able to use it? The director-director is Ksenia Holodnyakova. Waiting for you!

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