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Turbins Days

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Why go to the performance of the Days of the Turbins?

1. The legendary work of Bulgakov
2. Modern production, which from the first minutes draws the viewer into the world of the heroes of the performance
3. Very relevant topic and issues.

Almost a hundred years have passed since the events described in the play "Days of the Turbins", but each word of our famous compatriot Mikhail Bulgakov is still relevant - no less relevant than at the beginning of the last century.

For several hours, viewers will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of an old living room on Andreevsky (Alekseevsky) descent, where they loved, dreamed, sincerely believed and hoped, no matter what.

"Days of Turbins" by Mikhail Bulgakov - a play about Kiev and Kievans. In 1925, Bulgakov, on the basis of his own novel “The White Guard”, wrote a play for the Moscow Art Theater. Due to problems with the Soviet censorship, the author had to change the name to a more neutral one.

The play is basically autobiographical. By birth and upbringing, Bulgakov belonged to the environment that he portrayed in the novel and in the play, so he knew well what he was writing about. The heroes of Bulgakov are tolerant and decent people who are ready to recognize the right to the existence of the position of another person, regardless of their own position. "Days of the Turbins" - a play about ... people, honest and noble, educated and thinking, who got into an extreme situation for themselves: when a friend, with whom the whole of World War I went through yesterday, hiding one coat, may be the enemy tomorrow, the other side of the barricades. And you have to shoot him ... In general, and in general, this play, like all the other works of Bulgakov, is about the problem of human choice.

In the process of staging, the actors did not cease to be surprised at the fact that almost 100 years have passed since the events described by Bulgakov, but the people have remained the same, and the events repeat. We have not learned to draw conclusions from our own history ... Alas ... Perhaps the play "Days of the Turbins" will force at least some of us to think about it and then do something to change the situation for the better.

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