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On September 28 in the mine in the Mine Metro station "Tsentralnaya" there will be 4 shows of the specific specifics of the project "Dnipro Prometheus Revolved" by director Dmitry Kostyumynsky.

"DniPrometey Revolt" is a unique project for the whole world, which was made possible by the employees of Dniprometrobud in Dnipro. Dnepropetrovsk builders have taken over all the preparation of the location and provide its full reliability for artists and spectators.

The production is a musical-performative-visual act, which involves contemporary Ukrainian composers, musicians, artists and performers.

To get into the mine, the spectators will enter the territory of Dnepropetrovsk, receive the necessary equipment (boots, helmets, vests), then pass to special powerful-dimensional elevators and in groups of 10 people descend to a depth of 50 meters underground.

In 4 dungeon locations, 4 myths about the odious figure of Prometheus, who fought for human freedom before the deities, will be revealed. In principle, the person lives in a closed framework, and therefore there was a desire to release him. "DniPrometey Revolt" is an opportunity to immerse yourself in living an entirely different experience to the white world and to be left alone with your own "I".

The idea to create the production of the director was given by Robert Wilson's book "Prometheus the Rebel. The Psychology of Evolution". In this work, the author describes the outlines of life, which are stages of development. The viewer, when entering the tunnel, will go through the stages of conversation with himself and ask himself questions. Special music written by Dnepr composer Dmitry Demchenko specifically for this performance will help to immerse himself in his personality.

Side-specific projects are a business card and GOGOLFEST calling. The strength of such projects is that they do not take place on the classical theatrical stage, but in unsuitable places for this purpose, which allows new interaction with the audience and space.

The festival's strategy is to revitalize urban spaces. Historic, landmark, original locations - they become centers of cultural activity, absorb new content, reveal a new driving force. Due to their genetic characteristics and interaction with the arts, such locations become unique phenomena on the cultural map of not only the city or Ukraine, but the whole world.

GOGOLFEST history has been restored from the very beginning thanks to side-specific direction - starting with the first festival in 2007 in the wet buildings of the future Art Arsenal in Kyiv.

Among the latest side-specific projects of GOGOLFEST are the ballet cranes and the grand opera Nero, which took place in the territory of the Azov Shipyard this year in Mariupol. More than 600 spectators participated in a fantastic experience when, during a music-performance performance, an industrial ship's dock was submerged, where all the action took place and all the spectators were there.

The Dnipropetrovsk Insurgent project at the Central Station mine is a different look at the subway, an attempt to rethink the space and its essence. DniproRemote Rebel is a fantastic cultural product that can only be created in the Dnieper.

An important part of the project is the live coverage of one of the shows from OpenTheatre. This is an extremely professional team, which is the only one in Ukraine today that records and broadcasts theater productions at the top level.

Thanks to OpenTheaters, the production of DneprPromets Rebels can be viewed by anyone. There will be a live broadcast on the Internet, as well as a number of city and nationwide TV channels.

The DniPRO GogolFest is held with the initiative and support of our partner - the Cultural Capital Program.

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