Home theater. Post office/Love stories

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Why should you go to the play “Home Theater. Post office/Love stories?

1. You do not just visit the play: you feel like participants in everything that happens on stage.
2. Topics raised by the authors are relevant at all times and are close to everyone.
3. The honesty and sincerity of the actors will not leave anyone indifferent.

Theater "Actor" invites you to the play "Home Theater. Post office/Love stories. Do not miss: it will be interesting, honest and vital.

"Home theater. Love stories" are real love stories. They are tragic and comic, and most importantly, unusual and unpredictable. This is a reason to remember your first date, to think about what True Love is, ask questions and get answers to them ... The residents of Kiev who were interviewed by the participants of the performance will be the heroes of the play.

Directors - Vitalina Bibliv, Tatiana Gubriy.

The roles are performed by: Alexander Brisova, Vitalina Izotova, Lyudmila Lyutova, Ekaterina Medved, Anastasia Rogozhina, Ignat Tarbetsky, Oksana Timchyuk and others.

"Home theater. Post Office" - work that will stretch the emotional thread to each viewer. After all, surely everyone had days when they didn’t want to go to work, but they had to. They were waited for by the intolerable colleagues and the irritating boss.

This is a story for those who have ever worried about deadlines and waited for the prize at the end of the month. And still could not get a powerful motivation. For you - a great idea, mixed with emotions, whiskey and beer. As a result, we get the “Post Office” of the notorious Charles Bukowski.

Director - Alexander Zhyla.

The roles are performed by: Lydia Antonyuk, Oleg Dovgay, Marina Onishchenko, Dmitry Rybakov, Yuliya Ruban, Pavel Selivanov and others.