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Verbatim-play #home in Kyiv. At the Kozlovsky Art and Concert Center in Kyiv put on a unique verbatim performance #home.

Why is it worth going to the verbatim performance #home in Kyiv?

1. Custom format, new interesting experience.
2. Any person can become the creator of the play.
3. Perhaps in one of the characters you recognize yourself.

Verbatim performance #home in Kyiv

Kozlovsky Art and Concert Center invites to an unusual verbatim performance #home. Impressions and atmosphere that you have not experienced yet. Just don't miss it!

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Kozlovsky Art and Concert Center introduces a new format of performances

Verbatim performance is an original theatrical genre in which recordings of interviews with different people serve as material for the production.

Having determined the topic, the author conducts a survey and further, in the process of editing, a dramatic scenario is born. And it fully reflects both the features of speech and non-verbal details.

This time you will meet people who are looking for a home. There are 28 of them, and all of them are part of our society. On such a "live broadcast" everything will be exposed: pain, horror, laughter...

Characters for a long time "created" by student actors, pupils of the People's Artist of Ukraine Bohdan Beniuk. It turned out bright and unusual. We are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the verbatim performance #home in Kyiv?

Tickets for the verbatim performance #home at the Kozlovsky Art and Concert Center in Kyiv can be ordered on the Concert.ua website.

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