Don Quixote

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Why should you go to the ballet "Don Quixote"?

1. Enjoy the magnificent ballet production of the world famous work.
2. Discover for yourself the wealth of the inner world of the famous hidalgo.
3. Without taking your eyes off, admire the amazing choreography.

Meet at the Opera and Ballet Theater - the play "Don Quixote". The beauty of the movements, unusual plot: come and enjoy the viewing!

The colorful character of Cervantes' novel has repeatedly become the main character of paintings, poems, movies. No exception and the genre of ballet. After the premiere in the Austrian capital, Don Quixote does not leave the theater stage of the world.

Many great choreographers, including Jean Georges Novère, Serge Lifar, George Balanchine and others, offered their versions of the legendary history to the public.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular is the reading of librettist Marius Petipa. By his order, the music for the piece was written by Ludwig Minkus. The main feature of the production was that Don Quixote and Sancho Panza "gave way" to the first plan for the newlyweds Kitri and Basil.

Today, the viewer is offered different views on a familiar plot. Not an exception and Odessa audience. The version staged by the Odessa Opera admires with ardent passions, which continually illuminate the scene with bright flashes. The richness of musical colors, stunning costumes and eye-catching scenery will not leave anyone indifferent.

Waiting for you!

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