Dear Pamela, or How to sew an old lady

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Why is it worth going to the play Dear Pamela, or How to sew an old woman?

1. Becoming a little kinder
2. Laugh from the heart
3. Get carried away by the sincerity of the game

Three crooks find a suitable victim - a lone harmless old lady Pamela Kronki. The ideal goal, in order to quickly insure her life, and then just as quickly "rid of suffering." And what can the "dandelion" of God oppose to the three notorious villains who are hiding from the police?

It turns out that in order to win in an unequal match, brute force is not always needed. Pamela "bribes" the kidnappers with her sincerity, good-naturedness, genuine love for people in general and trinity of scammers in particular, and even forces scoundrels to reconsider their plans.

John Patrick's comedy "Dear Pamela or how to sew an old woman" in the production of G. Gorin reveals a simple truth - be a little kinder to the world, and he, in turn, will be kinder to you!

The comedy was performed by the talented troupe of the Kiev drama theater Bravo, namely: L. Titarenko (in the role of Pamela), Yu Potapenko (Soul), S. Plamadalo (Brad), L. Semesyuk (Gloria), V. Antoniuk policeman, doctor).

Enjoy watching!

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