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Why should I go to the Dracula?

1. To see the charismatic Sergei Babkin in the acting role.
2. Look acutely emotional plastic statement about loneliness, which for everyone is inevitable and everyone has his own.
3. Understand that sometimes words are not needed at all.

Famous musician and actor Sergey Babkin will be Count Count Dracula. Rigid intrigue, is not it?

Everyone knows his favorite artist as a touching, romantic and good-natured person. And here - bloodthirsty Dracula! By the way, Snigana Babkin, the wife of the singer plays a potential victim of the most famous vampire.

Here the lyrical drama and grotesque are thoroughly mixed. Plastic sketches and acting improvisations, musical and light solutions, interesting details and costumes make the play simply wonderful, sensual, sexy, entertaining and frightening at the same time.

As the creators of this show-performance say, DRACULA - the most outspoken of the experiments of the theater. There is something awaiting you in a certain sense, even "anatomical," they say. What exactly is it about: a thorough preparation of feelings or an attempt to comprehend the vicissitudes of life after death?

Come - and find out! Also in roles: Denis Chmelov, Artem Vusik, Igor Klyuchnik, Oksana Cherkashina.

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