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The production of "Dragon" is a theatrical show based on the eternally actual play by Eugene Schwartz from the director Vladimir Goryansky.

The basis is taken by a fairy story about a dragon, which can not be defeated, because he lives in each of the city dwellers. This story is not about a monster. It is about people who are not ready for freedom, because life under the rule of the dragon they consider quite acceptable. Having lost one tyrant, they obediently obey another. It turns out that killing a dragon is not enough ...

"Dragon" is a philosophical work that does not lose its weight even today. The plot of the play is relevant for any country, nationality and even an era. This is not just a beautiful setting with the participation of remarkable actors. It makes you think, analyze, empathize.

Specially for the performance, original decorations were created, and unique costumes were developed. The audience is waiting for live music, light show, memorable characters and live music. This fairy world will be created by a team of true professionals.

- Alexander Melamud - the Dragon;
- Dmytro Stupka - Lancelot;
- Alexey Sukhanov - archivist Charlemagne;
- Lilia Rebrik - his daughter Elsa;
- Maxim Maksymuk - Henry;
- Garik Korogodsky - the Cat;
- Vitaly Azhnov;
- Vladimir Zakharchenko - the jailer;
- People's Artist of Ukraine Vladimir Goryansky as Burgomaster.

Director: Vladimir Goryansky.
Scenographer: Alexey Obertinsky.
Costume Designer: Lubava Sokol.

With the participation of a band named Juliet Capulet, led by Andrei Solovyov.
Producer: Alexander Melamud.

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