Draconomania, or draw a dragon for a minute

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Why should you go to the dragon show, or dragons for a minute?

1. Only 2 days for Christmas!
2. A vivid fantasy show for everyone who loves dragons and not only.
3. Performance full of fun and interactivity

Draconomania, or draw a dragon for a minute

Mr. Drake, a little crazy professor, dreams of bringing out a great dragon. Owns a farm of dragon and dinosaur eggs.

Mr Travel, a great traveler, has a nomadic lifestyle, has a home-made dragon Tiki and dinosaur faces (which does not wet, not in one train when moving). His mission is to organize a whole city of Dragons and Dinosaurs of different colors and character.

Girl Miri - a fun traveler exploring rare animals, flew in the electro-eggs from the planet Earth. Her mission is; Finding a login to New Year's post to call Santa Claus and get acquainted with the Dragons would be closer to her.

Mrs. AntiDama is a negative character. He does not love everything connected with dragons, he dreams of getting to the farm to fight and destroying vile eggs, she and girl Mira are the method of deception, inventing the Antidragon unit! Going to the farm, and waggle the egg of the main golden dinosaur.

But the miracle - from an egg appears a golden boy with an iron body! Very touching and sensible creature, he understands the language of dragons and dinosaurs. I was born with the help of the Antidragon unit right on the eve of the New Year, which is why Mr. Draco considers him a New Year's miracle!

The show will be interesting for children from 4 to 12 years old.

In the show you will see:
- Brilliant characters in a fantastic look
- Original Dragon Dolls
- Exclusive physical show of Tesla from charismatic Antidians.
- Veselah school of "golden art" from the Golden Boy.
- A gaming activity with the hall
- Effective performances with liquid nitrogen from the inventors.
- Disco at the Dragon farm at the end of the show with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
- A lot of surprises and an original plot of a fairy tale, will be interesting for children and adults of all ages.

Who will catch the Dragon behind the tail?

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