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Why should you go to the play "Dream Works"?

1. Watch the premiere of the Theater on Podol.
2. To think about current problems of modern society.
3. Remember when you yourself did something for your happiness.

Looking for something completely new in the theatrical life of Kyiv? We bring to your attention the premiere performance from the Theater on Podol - “Dream Works”. This love seeking melodrama will illustrate the relationship model adopted in the modern world.

The performance “Dream Works” is based on the play by the modern playwright Ivan Vyrypayev, whose works are successfully performed in theaters in Poland, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, England, France, Canada.

Today, with the development of technology, everyone can easily get information about everything just by typing a query in a search engine. But people get such knowledge without personal experience, which makes them just dry theories. Few people know how to listen to their neighbor, and even fewer know what to do with internal devastation. Alcohol, cocaine and philosophical reflections on Buddhist nirvana do not provide the fullness that everyone craves. We are waiting for happiness, but we are not doing anything to make happy those near us.

The main character of the play is David. After the death of his wife, he could not let her go to continue living. David often talks to her and stubbornly refuses to believe what happened. Shackles of affection gradually lead him to understand the painful truth: all his sufferings are caused by the fact that David really did not love his spouse, and therefore he himself is unhappy. Can he fix it?

The performance is in Ukrainian.
The premiere date is February 19, 2019.
Directed by David Petrosyan.

Waiting for you!


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