Little nothings of life

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Why is it worth going to the play "Little things in life"?

1. View 5 performances in one
2. To fall in love with Chekhov again
3. Find answers to important questions

National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. Lesya Ukrainka puts on the play "Little things in life". At the heart are five early plays by A.P. Chekhov. And this means, it will be funny and sad at the same time: this is the power of Chekhov's works.

The tragicomedy "Little things of life" is a kaleidoscope of five mini-plays based on the plays of plays from Chekhov's "Colored Stories": "Albion's Daughter", "Philistines", "Long Language", "Comedian", "Wallet". In a short time (each play takes about fifteen minutes), the characters go through a path full of emotions and events from the funny to the tragic. So, having listened to a cheerful story about the vacation, in the eyes of his young wife, the hero of the "Long Language" sees undisguised debauchery. The baseness and rudeness of shameless fishermen in all "glory" is manifested in the production of "The Daughter of Albion". And the story of "Wallet" tells how good friends can instantly become enemies to each other. So is the person so weak and weak-willed before the worldly temptations? Come and try to answer this and many other important questions together with talented theater actors.

The performance lasts 1 hour 30 minutes, without intermission.

The director-director is Mikhail Reznikovich.

Cast: Stanislav Moskvin, Mikhail August, Natalia Shevchenko, Victor Aldoshin, Anna Grinchak, Vladimir Raschuk, Yuri Dyak, Maxim Nikitin, Vitaly Ovcharov, Evgeny Avdeenko, Kirill Nikolayev, Elena Chervonenko, Taisia Boyko, Alexey Polishchuk, Vadim Askevich.


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