Two ladies in the direction of the north

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Why is it worth going to the play "Two Ladies in the North"?

1. The performance from the first minutes tightens and keeps the viewer's attention until the final replicas of the actors.
2. The production combines touching, comical and at the same time sad moments.
3. "Two ladies ..." in the performance of the actors "Theater on the Tea" - is a dynamic action with a deep meaning.

In the "Theater on the Tea" - a comedy with elements of "black" humor "Two ladies in the direction of the north." To everyone who loves productions in the genre comedy noir or just looking for a performance with a non-trivial storyline and deep meaning, - welcome.

The play is based on the events of the same play by the young French playwright Pierre Nott. In 2008, at the author's homeland, his work was recognized as the "Best Play of the Year". All the vicissitudes described in the play are directly related to the two sisters - Anette and Bernadette. More precisely - with their adventures.

Although, how to know: is it possible to call the "adventure" a trip of women to the grave of his father? However, the journey will be full of incredibly comic situations. Will not do without crime. And the finale - and at all will be philosophical ... The story told by the actors of the theater is touching and eccentric. Unconventional production is directly stuffed with all sorts of reasons for deep reflection.

Director: Alexander Onischenko. The roles are performed by: Olga Saltykova, Tatyana Paraskeva, Vladislav Kostyka. Duration: 75 minutes. Waiting for you!

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