Two, not counting the dog (Dog's Story)

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Why should you go to the play Two, not counting the dog (Dog's Story)?

1. Find out what will happen to the dog Bulka
2. To empathize with all the characters of the production
3. Think about the complexity of choosing

We invite you to the National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. Lesia Ukrainka on the stunning performance "Two, not counting the dog."

The play was staged according to the play by the outstanding playwright Valentina Krasnogorova "The Dog". Actors (there are only three of them) - Man, Woman and ... Dog Bulka. This little devotional being at one point becomes everything for the railwayman Mikhail. Rejected by his wife and children, he sees in the puppy the only joy and understands: in his life there simply is nothing more valuable.

But the mischievous fate, and here makes its own corrections: Michael - tomorrow on a flight, and there's no one to leave the dog with. It is necessary to decide urgently: work or your favorite pet. A difficult choice for a person who knows the pain of deprivation. But - the result is this: you need to get rid of Bulka. A man comes with a dog to a shelter for animals, where he meets with a callous and unsociable, at first glance, Woman. But she, too, is alone, but, can she marry? Or? In the head Men can conceive all kinds of plans, but the unexpected proposal is made by the Woman: to kill the dog.

"How ?!" - a crying audience will cry out. - "And what will Michael decide?"

The performance is not easy. In it, idealism is confronted with reality, the habitual zone of comfort is already uncomfortable.

The creators of the play: Taras Beniuk, Alexander Shimko, Alexei Vakarchuk, Valentina Plavun, Natalya Burlaka, Alla Rybikova.

The roles are performed by Pavel Kilnitsky, Elena Topol and Shorena Shonia.

The performance is without intermission, duration - 1 hour.

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