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A nice, kind and very instructive tale of the famous Ole Lukoil-GK Andersen about the little fairy girl Thumbelina is known to every kid. Now it's time to revive all your favorite characters! And it will happen on the stage of the Kiev Academic Theater on Lipki thanks to the amazing production of the director Irina Zilberman.

We invite together with your children to see this colorful fairy tale: to worry about the fragile baby, to follow her adventures and, of course, to enjoy a good ending.

Bright choreography from O. Semeshkina under the songs of V. Vasalatty, a variety of costumes and a sweet heart story will make your evening truly fabulous.

The roles were performed by the master of reincarnation: M. Demchenko (Thumbelina), M. Kanyuka, V. Klyuchnikov, V. Korshunov (Motya), I. Ivanov, V. Koshelev (The Skazochnik), D. Krivoshey (The Sorceress), I. Rudenko, M. Lyakh (Mother of the Thumbelina), I. Lanovenko (Zhabuletta), E. Suprun, S. Bobko (Zhabuar), K. Gorolyuk, B. Zapsha (Zhuk), M. Veremychuk, D. Zavgorodnya (Water Lady), M. Androshchuk, I. Pilipenko (Mouse), V. Voitenko, V. Kutseniuk (Mole), A. Stasevich (swallow) and others.

The duration of the play "Thumbelina" is 1 hour 30 minutes.

Fairy-tale is not far away - just look carefully!

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