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Why go to the "Thumbelina" play?

1. A favorite tale of several generations gives only positive emotions to both children and adults.
2. A fairy tale teaches to be kind, sensible and believe in the best.
3. Colorful scenery will help develop the aesthetic taste of young spectators.

We invite you to visit the beautiful show "Thumbelina" all over the family. A favorite childhood tale, Andersen's charming plot, musical accompaniment and artist talent will give the brightest impression to viewers of all ages.

The little heroine Thumbelina, appearing on the world, meets a multitude of questions. Its main task is to understand what kind of happiness is. After all, everyone - Swallows, Crete, Frogs and Mice - have their own idea of it. And just going through a lot of trials, Thumbelina reveals to itself: happiness is when you have a good heart and do good deeds. And even when there are real friends who do not betray and do not offend. Children will see that good will always be rewarded. And adults will again believe in the power of warm words, friendship, loyalty. Are waiting for you!

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