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Why is it worth going to the DZIDZIO concert?

1. To see always smiling and positive DZIDZIO
2. Hear the new super-duper album
3. To be charged with light energy for the whole year

Meet mega-tour DZIDZIO "Super-Puper" in your city!

All-Ukrainian MEGA TOUR DZIDZIO «SUPER-PUPER» has about 50 concerts and will start on May 26, 2018 with a concert at the stadium "Arena Lviv." It was here, at the stadium "Arena Lviv", 5 years ago, on May 18, 2013, the first large-scale solo concert of the band DZIDZIO, gathered more than 25 000 spectators.

At a press conference on May 14 about the start of the tour, the team that is preparing a big concert show, led by Mikhail Foma (Dzidzio), talked about the details of the training. "In the show for the first time in Ukraine will be used 400 square meters of a solid LED screen and powerful light devices that just arrived in Ukraine", - said Anatoly Erokhin, director of the show DZIDZIO SUPER-PUPER.

Unexpected props, according to the director and personally Dzidzio, will be a flying saucer, which should fly directly to the Arena Lviv stadium.

The rooms will be accompanied by dance performances. For the ballet costume designer Ekaterina Olishevskaya specially develops a stage outfit, which will be supplemented by bright strange headdresses.

"To prepare for the show, not including a technical rider, 15 million UAH was spent, so there is something to see," said Anatoly Bezukh, producer of DZIDZIO.

The organizer of the tour, the director of the company "Quarter Concert", Maxim Tkachenko said that for today more than 50 concerts are planned on the tour and requests continue to come from different cities. In addition to the stadiums and sports palaces there will also be open summer venues, and in some cities will hold 2-3 concerts in a row.

Within the framework of the tour, a new album with the same name "SUPER-PUPER" will be presented.

The final concert of the tour will be a show in the capital's "Palace of Sport", which will be held on November 20, 2018, where the organizers plan to collect more than 10,000 spectators. It is here at the DZIDZIO show "SUPER-PUPER" that viewers will have the opportunity to congratulate Jijo on the anniversary that he will celebrate on this day.

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