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Gaetano Donizetti's Comedian Opera The Bell is the atmosphere of an ancient Italian court filled with fun, light music.

The audience is placed at the tables, and in front of them is a dynamic and funny action with witty jokes and unexpected reincarnations through which even philosophical meanings will be viewed.

Gaetano Donizetti, a small but well-known musical, especially vocal, essay piece, wrote for his own libretto. He easily wrote verses, added dialogues to them in prose, and already music was pouring like champagne: sparkling, sparkling, playful, with unexpected humorous finds and charming melodies. By fulfilling the promise that the maestro gave to the singers who ordered this piece of work, "The Bell" was written in a week!

The premiere took place in Italy, at the Teatro Nuovo Theater on the evening of June 1, 1836, in the presence of numerous public. The product was immediately called "a little miracle of comedy, sophistication and fun, playful inspiration."

The composer has identified a simple number of characters: Don Annibale Pistachio - pharmacist; Serafina - his wife; Madame Rose - Mother of Seraphins; Enrico is a nephew, in love with Serafin, Spiridion - a servant of Don Aníbal.

The plot is based on the tricks of the joker Enrico. The young nephew is trying to prevent the apothecary and his young wife Seraphina in their first marriage night. He tirelessly calls the bell at the pharmacy all night calling for drugs from fictitious diseases. Every time Enrico appears in different ways: then he is a Frenchman who took a belly, or a tenor who lost his voice, then the old man, who fell ill (for all diseases at once), his wife and he begs her to cure, saying all sorts of merry nonsense. While working on the libretto, Gaetano Donizetti laughed at himself - over the text and over music, which seemed to "jump" in the rhythm of funny poems. A good mood accompanying the author must surely be transmitted to the viewers of the "Bell" on the small stage of the National Operetta.

Production group:

Directed by Vitalii Palchikov
Conductor-director - from. and. Ukraine Oksana Madarash
Choreographer - Natalia Skuba
Choreographer - with. city ​​of Ukraine Igor Yaroshenko
Artist-designer - Maria Grabchenko
Conductor - Sergey Golubnychy
Light design - Ruslan Dolinych
Sound engineer - Nadia Sidorova
Concert Masters - with. and. Ukraine Olena Opanasenko, Anna Polischuk,
Lyubov Titarenko, Elizaveta Khlyapova, Zoya Volodarskaya
Assistant directors - Olga Zhmura, Elena Isaeva, Maxim Kozolup

Actors and performers:

ENRICO - with. and. Ukraine Sergey Avdeev
ANNIBAL - Alexander Kharlamov
SPIRIDONE - Alexei Kirillov, Vladimir Odrinsky
SERAFFINA - Olena Arbuzova, Tetyana Didukh, with. and. Ukraine Galina Gregorchak-Odrinsky, Valery Tulis
ROZA - with. and. Ukraine Hanna Dovbnya, n. and. Ukraine Iryna Lapina

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