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Edith Piaf: Life in the Pink Light

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Why should you go to the play Edith Piaf: Life in the pink light?

1. Listen to the songs of the unsurpassed Parisian "sparrow"
2. To see the love story of a great singer
3. Get inspiration under no circumstances to give up and go to your dream

Everyone has his own love - someone has a quiet and gentle, someone passionate and frantic. But when it comes, there simply is no room for compromise! Especially when a strong woman loves. About this love - "Edith Piaf: Life in a pink light."

It is this woman who has to endure the loss of dreams, and the bitter experience of becoming abandoned, previously tempted by pink fantasies about happiness.

In the life of a strong woman, there is rarely one man - because she needs a strong man! And this love never goes without a trace without a trace - legends continue to build about it even when the heroes left our mortal world.

It was such a love of bright, energetic and completely incomparable Edith Piaf. The great Frenchwoman was tireless both in music and creativity, and in her own love. "Sparrow" was distinguished not only by a voice capable of shaming a nightingale, but also by the absurd nature of a resident of the streets.

After experiencing too much in his short life - hunger and poverty, the death of his daughter and the loss of a loved one, destructive passion for alcohol and drugs and a long line of admirers, and never broke, the little Parisian always looked for only one thing - true and eternal love!

The bright production by Olga Gavrilyuk «Edith Piaf: Life in the Pink Light» under the music of Evgeny Lunchenko will not leave you indifferent. Be sure to come and enjoy the world of "little sparrow"! The roles are performed by Olga Kulchitskaya and Yuri Grebelnik.

The duration of the play "Edith Piaf: Life in the Pink Light" - 1 hour 10 minutes. The action takes place without intermission.