The Mozart Effect

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Why is it worth going to the concert "The Mozart Effect"?

1. Enjoy the wonderful sound of classical music.
2. Take care of the development of the child.
3. Combine business with pleasure.

Everyone knows that Mozart was a genius. At what the outstanding abilities were revealed at it in the early childhood. Already in three years he began to play independently heard works, and from four - under the guidance of his father he performed small plays well. In five little Wolfgang was no longer satisfied with a simple game and began to compose his own works. And at six I mastered the violin myself ...

So early in starting his brilliant path, Mozart only strengthened the status of a genius in adulthood. His works are diamonds in the treasury of classical music. It is interesting that the scientists undertook to study the influence of Mozart's unsurpassed creativity on people. It is believed that the music of the great composer is just special in that he began to compose it at an early age. Also, studies show that it activates all areas of the cerebral cortex. Separately, scientists studied the influence of Mozart's works on children. Thus, it turned out that the musical influence in childhood and even in the prenatal state has a beneficial effect and can lead to intellectual advantages in adulthood.

All these studies led to the fact that pregnant women are advised to listen to classical music. After all, under her influence, thinking is perfected, the emotional sphere of a person is formed and morality is brought up. We invite future mothers and young children to visit the cycle of concerts "The Mozart Effect" in the Odessa Philharmonic!

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