Egor Grushin. Together

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Why should you go to the concert of Egor Grushin?

1. The piano sound will complement the cello
2. Favorite Neoclassical compositions
3. Personal and sensual program

A tour with the concert program "Together" from the brightest neoclassical composer and pianist of Ukraine Egor Grushin in a duet with Roksolana Grushin (cello).

For 6 years of his work Egor Grushin gave over 300 concerts, presented the world with 4 albums, a collection of piano pieces, published by a well-known Swedish label, and became the author of soundtracks for 6 domestic films.

"We called this tour "Together," as its own eponymous composition, one of the most beloved for both our listeners and ourselves. And since we are partners not only in our work, but also in our personal life, the concert will be able to feel the support and opposition of women's and men's, emotional and balanced, harmonious and melodic. We plan to show how the silent sound is combined and complements each other royal sound of the piano and velvet timbre cello...", - the artists are divided.

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