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Why go to the concert of the Electrophoresis project?

1. To experience a new experience of communication with one of the most promising musical duets of our time.
2. With a head to plunge into the unreal world of abstract texts.
3. Nobody knows what the musicians of the audience will listen to this time: come and satisfy their curiosity.

To Ukraine is coming ... "Electrophoresis!" Interview magazine named these guys "the main group of the St. Petersburg underground" (for a minute!). And now, for the great happiness of thousands of fans, "Electrophoresis" goes on tour, within which duo concerts will be held in Ukraine.

Do not miss meeting your idols in your city! The program features masterpieces of the Quo Vadis album, as well as all the favorite hits of the public. And it will be, as always, with a swing, with a storm of emotion and with a flurry of impressions. Catch new texts, fresh insults and take the guys with even greater enthusiasm!

For 6 years of fruitful work, musicians Ivan Kurochkin and Vitaliy Talyzin have not only secured themselves firmly in the hearts of the listeners. The duo reached the level when Americans Xiu Xiu ("Escape") were recording remixes on one of your songs, and another track - "Everything was so" - sounds the main theme in the festival film "Urban Birds". The duet pleases its admirers with creative performance and continues to give everyone a unique, "hard" Sinti-pop.

Soon, we'll have a quick meeting. What will be the brightest musicians - caviar, pineapples? Coming soon!

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