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Why go to the Emma show?

1. Try to reveal the secrets of the female soul.
2. Enjoy the talented performance of the brilliant actors of the theater.
3. Have an evening in an atmosphere full of high art ...

Kyiv Theater "Wheel" presents the play "Emma". This is a story about a woman, or rather, about the versatility of the female soul, full of uneasy riddles.

After the publication of the novel Gustave Flaubert "Madame Bovary" in 1856, a scandal broke out in the society immediately. The author and his publishers were charged with morals and were brought to trial. History is more than modern. In spite of the fact that both Flaubert and his publishers were acquitted, the scandal (the best in the opinion of the public at large) made the story of the love-tormented beauty of Emma Bovary, who dreamed of a city with apricot gardens, golden domes and white cathedrals, a cult.

The French writer spoke about the bourgeoisie - extremely naturalistic. Then it was impressive. It is believed that Flaubert used in the novel a real story that occurred in the family of his acquaintance.

Curious novels by Emma Bovary, the wife of a provincial doctor, the torment of her soul and the soul of her husband, Charles, have been the subject of controversy for both readers and critics for more than a hundred years.

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