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Why should you go to the theater for the performance of "Aeneid" in Lviv?

  1. A new, modern version of an outstanding classic of new Ukrainian literature.
  2. A spectacular combination of a well-known plot and modern technologies.
  3. An event that will leave vivid memories.

Performance "Aeneid" in Lviv

We present to your attention a spectacular performance of "Aeneid" based on the recognized masterpiece of Ivan Kotlyarevskyi in an innovative staging by Rostyslav Derzypilskyi and Oleksiy Hnatkovskyi. The professional work of the entire production group, the convincing performance of the actors, well-known characters in an unusual image are the components of a special evening in the theater. Don't miss it!

A play about the Ukrainian present on the Lviv stage

On March 19, you will see the "Aeneid" of our time. In a large-scale action, the events will develop dynamically, immersing the viewer in a light and carefree comedy, and then in the cold soul of our realities. In the performance, the plasticity of the text and the body, as well as video mapping, were spectacularly combined on a black and white background of a large-scale scenery, on which from time to time stormy sea waves emerge, then heaven or hell...
The production will awaken the widest palette of emotions. The performance is worthy of attention.
Are waiting for you!

Where to buy tickets for the performance "Aeneid" in Lviv?

You can buy tickets today online at Concert.ua.