Aeneid XXI

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Aeneid XXI

Unexpected, unpredictable! Ancient classical satire and humor - translated into the present.

How do you feel in our present existence the descendants of whom an aphoristic writer wrote in his immortal masterpiece a truly great Ivan Kotlyarevsky: "Aeneas was a guy and a guy, no matter where the Cossack was ..." With whom and with what they meet in the twenty-first century on the territory of the mother- Ukraine? Yes, usually, certainly in the spirit of the classical epic - the question of which Gods guide the world? Yes, it is our world in which we live with you - with "advanced" children and grandchildren, with plans, as they say, "from airport to airport", with the usual Facebook and, unfortunately, often-thickly far from parliamentary expressions in the streets, in stores, in transport, and even in the family ...

Every day and every moment, when faced with this, playwright Vitaly Chensky reinterpreted what happened to the legendary Aeneas. And one of the most popular nowadays domestic directors Maxim Golenko for the play V. Chpenssky staged - "Aeneid XXI".

This joint project of the Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Vasylko and Kyiv's "Wild Theater" was presented on our stage again unexpectedly and unpredictably - in the genre of epic travesty.

So, what about this show - we have already mentioned. But how it is perceived - we will not talk: it's much better to see everything with your own eyes. Just keep in mind that, taking into account some of the above details and circumstances already mentioned, the theater addresses its new premiere exclusively to an adult audience.

epic travesty for 2 acts

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