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Erotic dreams of our city

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Why should you go to the play "Erotic dreams of our city"?

1. Staging with a non-trivial title guarantees unusual impressions.
2. Viewers are invited to understand the difference between reality and the world of dreams.
3. The performance will make us think about what we really are.

The new Ukrainian theater presents the performance “Erotic dreams of our city”. Come: it will be fascinating. And then you will definitely dream of something from “this”...

There are those who do not dream erotic dreams: they envy or sympathize? And which of them do you personally treat? Have you thought? And in vain. The play tells about ordinary people who are found everywhere - in the subway and clinic, in the yard or at work. Are we not this? It may even be!

The performance opens life in two dimensions: in reality and in a dream. And the dream world is even very real. Here everybody is real. There are no conventions, complexes, fears from conscious life.

The author of the play “Erotic Dreams” asserts that man is “a being who wants to be loved, but no one loves him.” Come and see the refutation!

The duration of the performance is 2 hours and 50 minutes, with an intermission.
The language is Ukrainian.