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Ethno-Jazz 360⁰ "SV Savannah"

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The creative project ARTSpace of the Kyiv Planetarium invites you to the full-dome show "Ethno-Jazz 360 °". This evening, under the starry sky, Spanish-African-Indian musical exotics from the group "SV Savana".
If you love jazz, flamenco, classical guitar, improvisation and original modern original music with spicy oriental patterns - then you come to us ...
Listen to music and enjoy specially selected video projections on the dome, relaxing body and soul, sitting in comfortable chairs of the renovated Star Hall of the Planetarium, with a pleasant coolness and 360-degree visualization - don't you like it?

The composition of "SV Savana":

  • Mykhailo Krymov is a bass guitar, jazz star of Ukraine, composer and arranger, winner of international jazz festivals, author of original techniques for playing bass guitar and double bass. In the past, a member of the famous jazz-rock band "Credo".
  • Serhiy Puchkov - tabla, percussionist drummer. He studied at the Academy of Music in Nagpur, India. The founder of the group "Heavenly River", collaborates with famous musicians from India and around the world.
  • Volodymyr Stytsenko - guitar. Performs mainly original music, which is born at the junction of different styles and directions. He is a participant of many guitar and jazz festivals. A citizen of the world, he has toured Central America, France, Luxembourg and Ukraine.

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