The Jewish Clock

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Why should you go to the play "The Jewish Clock"?

1. Philosophical comedy - a format that will never go out of fashion.
2. The performance raises hot topics and pushes people to rethink life values.
3. Once again, an optimistic final will show: the most offensive slips can be left behind and take the path of correction.

The Classic Art Alternative Theater presents the comedy show "The Jewish Clock." Talented actors and non-trivial plot - the key to a pleasant evening!

The performance was first staged in 2012. “Jewish watches” is a philosophical story about watches, the hands of which move in the opposite direction. Thus, each of us gets a unique opportunity to correct our own hurtful mistakes made in the past. It is not without reason that the themes raised in the production are acute and exciting to many: the growing lack of spirituality and, as a result, loneliness...

But those unusual hours are good, that everything can be fixed while you live in this world.

In the scenes of the play, modern jargon is used, it tells about the fate of pimps and prostitutes, the life of different segments of the population. Therefore, the performance is not recommended for viewing by viewers under the age of 18.

The language of the performance is Russian.
Duration - 2 hours and 20 minutes, with intermission.

The main director is the Honored Artist of Ukraine Viktor Koshel.
Artistic Director - Katharina Sincillo.

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