Extreme noise terror (UK) + DESECRATION (UK)

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Why go to the Extreme noise terror (UK) + DESECRATION (UK) concert?

1. For the first time in Ukraine one of the founders of the grindcore.
2. The legendary group, the cult British Extreme Noise Terror.
3. Only two exclusive performances in Ukraine.

The end of winter 2019 will be a real treat for crust-punk, grindcore and death metal fans, since the founders of the crustgrind genre - the British Extreme Noise Terror - will arrive in Kiev and Kharkov.

Legends and creators of genres do not visit our country too often, if this happens - they are honored to receive them, in most cases, only the capital.

From the very beginning of their existence, together with the groups Napalm Death, Carcass, Repulsion and Terrorizer, they laid the foundations of what they would call the grindcore. But their main feature is that, unlike the above-mentioned groups, their work can not be attributed to a separate camp.

Album by album, Extreme Noise Terror formed its own sound, the roots of which are in Krusty and d-beat and with the addition of insane speeds and coarse death metal reefs.

Only two dates - February 23 and 24. Only two cities - Kiev and Kharkov. Extreme Noise Terror in company with colleagues Desecration (death metal, UK).

In Kiev, the concert will take place on February 23 in Volume Club, local support:
- Remorse (old-school hardcore / grindcore, Chernihiv)
- Zombies Eat My Neighbors (grindcore / thrash, Kiev)
- features Bald (death metal, Poltava)

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