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Fairmont Classic - Mozart & Tchaikovsky

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We invite you to listen to the famous works of Mozart and Tchaikovsky in one of the most beautiful concert halls of the city - Atrium in Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv.

Have you heard that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, if not for his untimely death, could have remained in the history of music as a Ukrainian composer of Austrian origin? Of course, as Professor Heidelberg Karl Hampe said: "Die Geschichte kennt kein Wenn" (Ukrainian: "History does not know the word" if ""), but it is well known that Andrew Razumovsky was going to give Mozart an estate near Ekaterinoslav (now - the Dnieper), and Prince Potemkin at that time cherished the idea of opening a music academy in Ekaterinoslav, and Mozart had every chance to lead it.

Perhaps as compensation for such injustice, history has given Ukraine another Mozart - the youngest son of the Austrian genius Franz Xaver, who dedicated 30 of his most active creative life to Lviv and its environs, founding the first music society there.

The phrase "History does not know the word" if "" can be positive, as in the case of Peter Tchaikovsky. "I am indebted to Mozart for devoting my life to music," Tchaikovsky wrote in one of his letters. Unlike Amadeus the prodigy, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky began to play music in adulthood, and who knows, if not for Mozart - perhaps he would have remained to work as an official.

Tchaikovsky was not offered to head the Ukrainian conservatory. However, the main music university in our country - the National Academy of Music - is named after him. Peter Ilyich spent so much time in the Ukrainian lands and wrote so many works here that it is impossible to separate him from the history of Ukraine. Take, for example, Brailiv, an urban-type settlement in the Zhmerynskyi district of the Vinnytsia region, where Tchaikovsky visited his residence for several years in a row. Not every village can boast of musical dedication, and even as tender as the cycle "Memories of a dear place." And yet: not every concert can boast that this work will be played by top violinist Kirill Sharapov accompanied by the Kyiv Mozart Orchestra. And we can.

Mozart and Tchaikovsky, two geniuses who missed each other in time and space, will be combined by the Kyiv Mozart Orchestra in a sophisticated chamber music program. It is a crystal musical harmony and sensual lyrics, mixed in perfect proportions.

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