Fantastic worlds of the Little Prince

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Why should you go to the musical instrument show "Fantastic Worlds of the Little Prince"?

1. Concert-story will not leave anyone indifferent
2. The show will be equally interesting for both children and adults. A fascinating plot for young spectators and the depth of Exupery's quotes will keep the attention of the public of all ages
3. The best quotations accompanied by beautiful instrumental music performed by Revenko Band

The Kiev Planetarium opens the "Fantastic Worlds of the Little Prince"

Kiev Planetarium and Eclectic Sound Orchestra present a concert-story, which will not leave anyone indifferent. In the sweet fairy tale "Little Prince", the famous writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, a deep philosophical meaning is hidden. Eternal values: love, friendship, fidelity are incredibly penetratingly revealed in the allegorical texts of the great Frenchman. The best quotes, accompanied by beautiful instrumental music performed by Revenko Band, projections on the very dome of Ukraine, will allow you to plunge into the world of reflection and spiritual aesthetics as never before.

The main mission of the action is the affirmation of good in all its classical manifestations.

Live performance of brilliant author compositions, the famous Ukrainian "white magician" music, composer Alexei Revenko (guitar), will take the viewer into the atmosphere of enchanting phantasmagoria. Anna Matushevskaya (accordion) and Eugene Smaltsuga (flute). Musicians, widely known not only in Ukraine, joined the ensemble to create a high-quality program for the show "Fantastic Worlds of the Little Prince", in the largest Planetarium of the country. A total of 4 concerts by the end of 2018. The acoustic numbers of the band and the orchestral play-beks will unbelievably concentrate and diversify the idea of ​​the show.

The visiting card of all joint projects of the Kiev Planetarium and Eclectic Sound Orchestra is participation in the show, the famous Ukrainian announcer, the "golden" voice of Ukraine - Dmitry Khorkin. It is his shrewd baritone that will sound the lines of the best philosophical tale of the 20th century.

Especially worth noting is the visual series of the show. Specially selected projections on the dome with a total area of ​​almost 1 km² will amaze the audience throughout the whole concert. Such an atmosphere and a combination of a visual range, musical and dramatic features, is possible only on one unique site - the Kiev Planetarium.

The show's producer is the founder of the center for the development of modern music, the art director and conductor of the Eclectic Sound Orchestra - Sergei Likhomanenko.

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